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How to Comply With OSHA's Lockout/Tagout Standard
Know the laws protecting your workers who maintain and fix machinery and equipment

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Date: January 27, 2017 | 11:00AM PT • 12:00PM MT • 1:00PM CT • 2:00PM ET

Can’t break away for an hour at this time? For your convenience, a
CD-ROM recording is made of each webinar. You may choose to purchase the CD-ROM either along with the webinar or separately. The CD-ROM recording will be available approximately 14-21 days after the webinar (details).

Program Description:

A worker reaches inside a jammed machine to try to fix it. It suddenly releases ... crushing his hand. Steam, electricity, pressure—your workers face obvious and unexpected energy hazards in the routine maintenance or repair of on-the-job machinery and equipment. OSHA’s lockout/tagout standard 1910.147 protects them. But employer compliance isn’t as simple as just reminding employees to turn off or unplug the equipment first. And what happens when adjustments need to be made while a machine is on?

Employers must understand the rules for varying devices and situations—and how to educate workers and supervisors on those rules. And our new one-hour webinar How to Comply With OSHA’s Lockout/Tagout Standard examines all the specifics of this critical safety standard. Even minor violations are serious business—putting workers at risk and putting you, the employer, in the crosshairs of OSHA enforcement. Know the law. Sign up today!

Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn when the lockout/tagout (LOTO) standard applies—and when it doesn’t
  • Correctly apply the LOTO procedures for services or maintenance operations
  • Correctly identify authorized, affected and qualified employees and determine who should have access to equipment, who must receive training and who must be certified
  • Safely meet group LOTO requirements
  • Correctly apply shutdown or isolation control measures required for the various types of machines and equipment
  • Apply the LOTO-related provisions required when an energy-isolating device cannot be locked out
  • Learn the employee training requirements and avoid the top LOTO citations
  • Assess your Energy Control Program and determine if it meet OSHA’s requirements

Q & A Session:
Upon enrolling in the Webinar, you will have the opportunity to submit your questions via e-mail. Time permitting, your trainer will address questions from Webinar participants. Many questions will be addressed in the Webinar itself. Others will be addressed in the supporting materials that will be available exclusively to Webinar participants.



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**For your convenience, a CD-ROM recording is made of each webinar. You may choose to purchase the CD-ROM either along with the webinar or separately. The CD-ROM recording will be available approximately 14-21 days after the webinar.

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