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Ed Blum

To bring this trainer to your organization, contact a Training Consultant at 1-800-344-4613
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Ed Blum is an accomplished trainer who excels at taking dull, dry subject matter (federal rules and compliance) and creating high-energy presentations that entertain, excite and provoke interest. His seminars and workshops are always jam-packed with information, yet so entertaining that participants don’t even realize how much they are learning. Ed has a gift for connecting with people and helping them to understand complex information with a minimum of difficulty.

In 1974, Ed founded Compliance Consulting, Inc. (CCI), a firm that specializes in helping organizations meet DOT, EPA, OSHA and FDA compliance. CCI has trained nearly 200,000 participants through public seminars and workshops.

As a trainer, Ed focuses on helping attendees understand the practical applications of regulatory issues (DOT, EPA, OSHA and FDA), and has helped numerous organizations ready themselves for inspections and avoid costly citations and penalties. Ed has personally delivered hundreds of public seminars and earned extraordinary praise over his extensive career. Participants give Ed “two thumbs up” when it comes to seminars that really deliver on what they promise.

Favorite Training Topics:
OSHA Compliance
DOT Hazardous Materials
EPA Hazardous Wastes
FDA Food and Drug Regulations

  • B.A. — Dramatic Literature, Whittier College
  • Handling Hazardous Materials (Technical Publication)
  • Handling Hazardous Wastes (Technical Publication)
  • Echoes of Excalibur (Novel)
  • Devil’s Watch (Novel)
Work History
  • Founder/President, Compliance Consulting, Inc.
  • President/CEO, Overland Industries, Inc.
  • Director of Personnel and Human Resources, Consolidated Freightways, Inc.
Awards & Affiliations
  • Member, Certified Environmental Training Association
Clients Include
  • General Motors
  • Westinghouse
  • Motorola
  • State of Ohio
  • Department of Army
  • Yellow Freight

“I never imagined spending a concentrated day of learning about Federal Regulations could be this informative … and fun too!”

“The investment of the seminar fee will be easily returned hundreds of times over the next time an OSHA Compliance Officer knocks on our door.”

“After today’s seminar, I’m confident I can make a dramatic difference in the level of safety at our facility for all our employees.”


To bring this speaker to your organization, contact a Training Consultant at 1-800-344-4613
or e-mail

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