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Anthony Record

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Anthony Record’s twenty-five years of experience in multi-level retail management have given him the foundation for a keen understanding of personnel, customer service, and the types of relationships that need to be present in a successful business. Mr. Record has created a number of programs that cover such topics as exceptional customer service, professional telephone skills, training techniques and motivation and management and leadership. His highly personalized presentations include real-life experience and examples to illustrate the objectives of the workshop or seminar. Anthony’s ability to establish and maintain a positive connection with his audience is one skill this accomplished speaker attributes to his personal mission statement:
“In all that you do keep the Gold and Silver in mind. The Golden Rule we all know: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The Silver Rule is not as well known, but equally important in building and maintaining personal and professional relationships: Promise Less. Deliver More. I have also come to embrace Stephen Covey’s definition of true leadership management as the ability to communicate a person’s worth potential so clearly that he comes to see it in himself.
“The quality of your employees and their work will be directly proportional to the quality of the environment you provide them.”

Anthony Record’s programs are uplifting, enriching and packed with techniques and strategies that come from firsthand experience. He incorporates audience participation, exercises and activities that are designed to drive home learning points while keeping the atmosphere upbeat and entertaining. Anthony is attuned to participants’ needs, understanding that success depends on trust and collaboration. His goal is for audience members to leave feeling they’ve just participated in one of the best seminars they have ever attended.
Favorite Training Topics:
Communication Skills
Presentation & Training
Effective Interviewing Skills
Dealing With Difficult People
Professional Telephone Skills
Opticians’ Continuing Education
Autograph Collecting & Preservation
Management & Leadership

  • B.S., Business Administration, Trinity College
  • Undergraduate studies in Business and English, USF
  • Autograph magazine, with over 100 columns and feature articles published
  • Contributing Editor, Eyecare Professional magazine
  • Contributor, Opti-Courier
Work History
  • President, 29/49 Optical, Inc.
  • Contributing editor, Autograph magazine
  • Faculty Head and Seminar Leader for CEDO (Continuing Education for Dispensing Opticians)
  • Licensed Optician/Office Manager, Spring Hill Optical & Doctor’s Eye Center
  • Practice Consultant, Optometry, Ophthalmology
  • Store Manager, For Eyes Optical
Awards & Affiliations
  • Fellow, Opticians Association of America
  • Faculty Member, CEDO
  • Author, Focal Education, Inc.
  • Florida Licensed Dispensing Optician
  • ABO/NCLE Certified
  • Member, Universal Autograph Collectors Club (UACC)
  • Community Service awards
Clients Include
  • Radisson Resorts
  • Continuing Education for Dispensing Opticians
  • Genesis Vision Group
  • Apple Ophthalmic
  • West Florida Eye Associates
  • Hillsborough Community College
  • Summit Medical Group

“Anthony is very knowledgeable in this subject! I loved this seminar! I look forward to putting into practice everything I have learned in the last two days.”

“Anthony Record is an outstanding trainer/speaker. He keeps things lively and interesting.”

“One of the most interesting and valuable seminars I have attended.”

“This training seminar has been a life-changing event. I recommend this seminar to any first-time managers or any managers who need positive reinforcement. Mr. Record is a wonderful and knowledgeable trainer/teacher. His use of real-life examples is phenomenal and I truly learned a lot. I hope I can attend another seminar that he teaches. Fun, too!”


To bring this speaker to your organization, contact a Training Consultant at 1-800-344-4613
or e-mail

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