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Jenn Kaye

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A dynamic and energetic speaker, Jenn Kaye takes a room by storm and always leaves her audience wanting more. However, what audiences don’t know about Jenn makes her positive attitude, enthusiasm and impact even more remarkable. A few years ago, Jenn survived a brutal head-on collision that would have derailed a lesser person. Instead, her accident became a defining moment in her life, prompting her to undertake extensive research on the body’s natural system of health and healing as well as the connection between health, attitude and personal triumphs. The result is a speaker who today is not only whole in body, but also an inspiration to all those facing challenges and fears in their own lives.

The author of the Little Book of Relaxation, Jenn is a popular guest on NBC Radio, Sonoran Living, Good Morning Arizona and RealTime Moms. She is frequently, quoted in publications such as The Inspiration Journal and others.

Jenn has over 20 years experience as a personal growth and communications strategist, but it is her a knack for uncovering an audience’s underlying needs that makes her seminars so beneficial. She is known for her ability to devise solutions for difficult office and interpersonal challenges. Invite her to your organization and she will quickly become the standard to which all future speakers are compared.

Favorite Training Topics:
Powerful Communication Skills for Women
Essential Skills of Dynamic Public Speaking
How to Be an Outstanding Communicator
How to Manage Emotions & Excel Under Pressure
Essential Coaching & Mentoring Skills

  • B.A., University of Arizona, East Asian Studies, Japanese Language, Minor Russian, graduated with honors cum laude
  • International BodyTalk Association
  • Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
  • Little Book of Relaxation
  • Monthly newsletter
Work History
  • Founder, Touch with Intention, LLC
  • President, Head-On Communications, International
  • Owner, JK’s Integrated Bodyworks™
  • Corporate Events Manager, Mosaic Entertainment
  • Port Lecturer, On-Board Media, Inc.
  • Assistant Operations & Event Manager, Twilight Productions
Awards & Affiliations
  • Cambridge Who’s Who
  • Consulting Resource Group Professional Development Associate
  • Girls Rule! Founding Board Member
  • International BodyTalk Association
  • International Stress Management Association
  • National Speakers Association, Arizona chapter
  • University of Arizona Alumni BPO
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
Clients Include
  • Alliance of Technology and Women
  • Antion & Associates
  • Chase Cardmember Services
  • Entrepreneurial Mother’s Association
  • Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
  • Scottsdale Healthcare
  • Society of Women Engineers
  • The Institute for Success IQ
  • University of Arizona

“Jenn has an uncanny ability to identify the underlying challenges that people are experiencing and provide practical tools for improving self-awareness and communication. I would recommend Jenn Kaye’s mastery without reservation.”

“Never before have 8 hours flown by so quickly! I learned more about how to interact with my entire family and how to have fun than I ever thought possible. Jenn’s expertise, energy and direction made the day fly by.”


To bring this speaker to your organization, contact a Training Consultant at 1-800-344-4613
or e-mail

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