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Dan Howard

To bring this trainer to your organization, contact a Training Consultant at 1-800-344-4613
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Dan’s background in a wide variety of industries and roles makes him uniquely qualified to address the needs of all levels of business. A decade in a union environment taught him the eye-opening techniques of conflict resolution and leadership that he shares with humor and enthusiasm in his seminars.

Dan’s passion is connecting with people and helping them through difficult times and situations. He spent several years running and facilitating a counseling program for individuals dealing with the wide-reaching effects of divorce. He currently facilitates a weeklong “boot camp” for people affected by downsizings and layoffs and gives them the skills needed to survive and thrive as they learn the tools of getting back into the workforce.

Dan is an avid reader, dedicated to sharing his knowledge, wit, and perspective as he inspires others to grow in the face of change. His fun approach to learning has made him a highly sought-after speaker.

Favorite Training Topics:
How to Handle Difficult People
How to Manage Emotions and Excel Under Pressure
Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
How to Be a Super Communicator
Management Skills for First-Time Managers and Supervisors
Communicating With Tact and Skill for Managers and Supervisors
How to Deal With Unacceptable Employee Behavior
How to Handle Conflict and Confrontation
Coaching and Mentoring Skills for Leadership Success

  • St. John Fisher College
  • Finger Lakes Community College
Work History
  • Professional speaker and trainer
  • Bright Ideas, Sales Representative
  • Divorcecare©, Facilitator
  • The Aquasource Group, Sales Representative/Water Technician
  • The Lake Country Press, Founder/Account Representative
  • American Communications Network, Sales Coordinator/Trainer
  • Xerox Corporation, Machinist, Team Leader
Awards & Affiliations
  • Xerox Ergonomics Award
  • Eagle Club, American Communications Network
  • Best in New Business Acquisition, Lake Country Press
Clients Include
  • ALPCO Recycling
  • Arbonne International
  • American Communications Network
  • Cross Creek Church
  • Movie Mania
  • Lake Country Press
  • WordWise Enterprise, Inc.
  • Cary’s Moving Company

“I am so thankful to you for your energy, time, and passion. You provided objectivity, encouragement, and concrete suggestions. Thank you so much!”

“Great images, great information, one of the best speeches all year!”

“You kept my attention the whole time! You inspired me and I learned so much from you.”

“I love your enthusiasm, your humor, and your message. Keep up the good work!”


To bring this speaker to your organization, contact a Training Consultant at 1-800-344-4613
or e-mail

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