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On-Site Training Programs
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On-Site Training — Training Topics
Customer Service That Wows!

Course Description

Today’s customer is more demanding than ever.

This outstanding day of training will teach you how to go above and beyond to make your customers feel like they’re the top dog … how to keep your customers for life ... how to handle difficult customers – and so much more. So enroll today and learn how to handle any customer service situation thrown at you, guaranteed!

Who Should Attend?

Customer service managers and customer service representatives, sales managers and sales agents, and anyone else who works directly with customers

Course Benefits

  • Make every customer feel like number one.
  • Master the essentials of WOW service.
  • Handle difficult customers with confidence.
  • Blow ’em away by going above and beyond.
  • Transform customers into active advocates for your services or products.

Course Methodology

  • Facilitative lecture
  • Personal assessments
  • Individual reflective review
  • Direct application
  • Interactive group and partner activities
  • Group discussion

Course Objectives

Successful completion of this course will increase participant knowledge and ability to:

  • Identify the elements of WOW customer service — and how you stack up!
  • Quickly “build a connection” with customers.
  • Stay  — and appear — calm, cool, and sympathetic under pressure.
  • Deal with cynical customers who just don’t believe you even want to help.
  • Tell if customers are truly 100% satisfied — and that they know their satisfaction IS your goal.
  • Use the right approach for the right person: powerful tips for dealing with different generations of customers.
  • Say crucial phrases that will calm customers down — and get them to start listening.
  • Learn the art of giving effective promises that you can really deliver on.
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