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On-Site Training Programs
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On-Site Training — Training Topics
Business Grammar for Busy Professionals

Course Description

Discover more than 50 proven tips and techniques guaranteed to make every word snap with the clarity, impact, and influence that get results.

Course Overview

Say good-bye to grammar anxiety and get the necessary skills to avoid embarrassing grammar errors that can damage your credibility. Designed for busy professionals who want a superfast, easy way to brush up on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and business usage, Business Grammar for Busy Professionals presents information
in easy-to-grasp concepts that make learning fun and painless.

  • Know the contemporary grammar skills that make the biggest, most immediate impact in your written business communication.
  • Get the special update on the newest standards in business usage.
  • Learn fresh alternatives to outdated words and phrases that have fallen out of favor.
  • Add professional polish to business reports, e-mail, memos, and letters.

Course Objectives

After completing this intensive one-day workshop, participants will develop the writing skills to grab their readers’ attention and inspire them to act.

  • Learn the grammar basics every professional must know.
  • Get the latest business usage standards for courtesy titles and nonsexist language.
  • Know spelling tricks guaranteed to end guesswork.
  • Master proofreading techniques used by the pros to catch every error.
  • Develop winning ways with wayward sentences.
  • Obtain punctuation tips for crystal clear communication.

Six Major Benefits of Attending This Workshop

  1. Say good-bye to your grammar anxiety once and for all! Melt away grammar anxiety when you learn in a stress-free, fun-filled environment. Discover dozens of tips and tricks for remembering grammar basics — tools you’ll use for the rest of your life!
  2. Be in the know on the newest standards for business usage, including nonsexist language. Forget “Dear Gentlemen.” Learn business usage for courtesy titles, salutations, and more. Handle those sticky gender-pronoun issues, and learn which words and terms may be considered insensitive or offensive.
  3. Avoid making embarrassing written errors that could damage your credibility. Grammar errors and blunders scream “unprofessional!” Get the skills you need to succeed plus the confidence that comes from knowing your written communication is error-free.
  4. Add professional polish to every sentence you write. Build lively sentences that express your ideas clearly and powerfully. Adopt a casual, friendly tone and ditch the formal-sounding wordiness that marks your message as out-of-date.
  5. Proofread like a pro and become the office hero! Learn the foolproof techniques used by the pros and become the “eagle eye” in your office. Proofread quickly without sacrificing accuracy, as you spot even the smallest errors.
  6. Continue to improve your skills with your take-home desktop reference. You’ll continue to sharpen your business and usage skills long after this workshop ends, thanks to the valuable take-home materials you’ll receive as a participant.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who recognizes the importance of business writing skills to professional recognition and personal success and wants to make this commitment to professional and personal development.
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