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On-Site Training Programs
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On-Site Training — Training Topics
Business Writing & Grammar Skills (2-Day)

Course Description

Discover more than 40 proven tips and techniques GUARANTEED to make every word snap with the clarity, impact, and influence that get results. Transform communications from so-so to sensational!
Who Should Attend?

Anyone who recognizes the importance of business writing skills to their professional recognition and personal success and wants to make this commitment to their professional and personal development

Course Overview

The workshop Business Writing and Grammar Skills offers participants tips and techniques to write well-organized, easy-to-understand documents, including memos, reports, and letters. Turn your ideas into error-free, concise documents that produce the results you want. Achieve credibility and respect for your outstanding business writing ability.

Learn how to remove the aggravation and frustration from writing!

  • Organize your ideas and quickly get words down on paper.
  • Cut writing time by 30 to 40 percent.

Become a more powerful, compelling communicator.

  • Achieve the results you want with clear, concise, and compelling business writing.

Eliminate embarrassing mistakes.

  • Master a handful of easy-to-remember grammar and usage rules to avoid mistakes.

Learn in a fast-paced, interactive, FUN environment.

  • Practice and reinforce what you learn from our expert trainer in a relaxed, energizing environment.

Ways You and Your Writing Will Benefit From This Workshop

  1. Learn to write effectively without sacrificing essential content.
  2. Present complicated information in easy-to-understand language.
  3. End the composition struggle: Transform rough ideas into concrete, well-structured paragraphs organized for maximum impact.
  4. Master the techniques used by successful writers to get the right words flowing automatically.
  5. Uncover surefire ways to motivate your readers to take the action you want.
  6. Gain tips used by writing pros to make your readers want to read, then give them sharp images to enhance understanding.
  7. Use amazingly simple techniques to sell your ideas, products, services, and even yourself.
  8. Eliminate tired, out-of-date words and jargon, and boost your effectiveness immediately.
  9. Write in a conversational tone.
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