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On-Site Training Programs
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On-Site Training — Training Topics
Managing Projects & Priorities

Course Overview

Packed with the latest project management techniques and prioritizing tools, Managing Projects and Priorities offers participants the skills to make a significant and immediate impact on daily productivity.

Determine true priorities and let go of the rest. Discover how to set goals to use for guidelines. Let go of nonessential tasks, commitments, and activities that crowd schedules and eat away at time. Focus efforts to produce the most results.

Master the latest success habits. During the first few minutes of training, pinpoint old habits and behaviors that waste time and sabotage efforts. Replace them with success habits shared by top achievers.

Handle project changes and emergencies with ease. Learn fallback formulas that factor in time for human error, keys to making that “no way” deadline, and strategies for anticipating team and project problems. Gain insight into the top reasons projects fail. Find out how to keep from making mistakes under pressure and how to accurately gauge stress levels so instant stress reducers can be applied.

Become more productive, more effective, and less stressed. The skills learned in Managing Projects and Priorities will make an immediate impact on daily productivity. Have more time available now that there’s more planning and less reacting. Achieve cooperation from resistant coworkers. Watch priorities fall into place rather than compete for attention. Gain the tools to handle anything that comes along.

This rare opportunity to give career skills a major upgrade offers the tools, strategies, and techniques to drive success for years to come.

Who Should Attend?

Career-minded professionals who want to gain control of projects, priorities, and time

Course Objectives

After completing this intensive workshop, participants will have the skills, techniques, and strategies to become more efficient, better organized, and more productive.

  • Boost productivity by eliminating time-wasters.
  • Meet deadlines with ease.
  • Recognize priorities and let go of the unimportant.
  • Handle inevitable project changes and obstacles.
  • Say “no” assertively and tactfully without causing anger or resentment.
  • Develop success habits to keep on track and on target.
  • Head off problems and project glitches.
  • Gain cooperation up and down the ladder.
  • Use the F.A.S.T. prioritizing system and say good-bye to juggling projects.
  • Organize anything in three easy steps.
  • Use powerful planning techniques to get more time out of every workday.
  • Banish the project cripplers — procrastination and perfectionism.
  • Gain control of time, projects, and priorities through active goal setting.
  • Stop the time-draining effects of interruptions.
  • Use the 80/20 rule to focus efforts where they’ll make the most difference.
  • Eliminate or reduce top stressers.
  • Avoid making mistakes when under pressure.
  • Spend less time in meetings with better results.
  • Develop a healthy life balance.
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