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On-Site Training Programs
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On-Site Training — Training Topics
Management Skills for First-Time Supervisors

Course Description

Get off to a strong start as a supervisor when you gain the solid skills needed to handle the many different situations you now encounter in your new position.

Course Objectives

After completing this intensive workshop, participants will have the skills they need to achieve exceptional results through others, including how to:

  1. Motivate others to go the extra mile.
  2. Learn to handle the difficult employee.
  3. Find, interview, and hire good people.
  4. Overcome employee resistance to change.
  5. Coach for higher performance.
  6. Raise credibility and visibility.
  7. Squeeze more time out of the day.
  8. Understand why people underperform.
  9. Master the keys to commanding respect.
  10. Confront unwanted behavior.
  11. Grow your value in the eyes of your boss.
  12. Stay on top of multiple priorities.
  13. Give performance reviews.
  14. Assign on-target directions.
  15. Manage a diverse group of individuals.
  16. Encourage the team to get along.
  17. Discover why supervisors fail.
  18. Adopt winning leadership habits.
  19. Use non-monetary rewards that work.
  20. Supervise former peers.
  21. Create a high-energy workplace.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants to communicate more powerfully, more diplomatically, and more effectively with every encounter, both professionally and personally

Course Overview

Packed with the latest must-know supervisory skills, Management Skills for First-Time Supervisors offers participants the opportunity to develop a new mind-set accompanied by a solid set of concrete skills to supervise others.

Attend this powerful workshop and gain solutions to dozens of tough supervisory challenges you’ll face every day. You’ll also receive the Leadership Style Analysis, an exclusive self-test to determine your path to success.

If any of these supervisory headaches sound a little too familiar, then this workshop is for you.

Employees who …

  • Spend more time on personal business than company business
  • Seem to be on a perpetual break
  • Are negative, whiners, or gossipers
  • Make excessive, sometimes costly, mistakes
  • Don’t respect you, or go above or around you
  • Don’t get along with others on your team

A boss who …

  • Wants you to do a lot more with a lot less
  • Gives you tons of responsibility but limited authority
  • Is sometimes difficult to deal with
  • Is in your face all of the time

And other challenges such as …

  • Hiring and keeping good people
  • Motivating your staff to greater performance
  • Giving meaningful, fair performance reviews
  • Delegating so the job gets done right
  • Striking a balance to be friendly while still being in charge
  • Supervising people who used to be your coworkers
  • Getting people to buy into your ideas
  • Positioning yourself for career growth
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