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  How to Eliminate Unacceptable Employee Behavior
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Just a few bad apples can ruin things for everyone!
Your Price: $199.00  (USD)
Program duration: 5:55 hrs
*Approximately 45-60 minutes per module
Trainer: Linda Mechem
Item No. M99022

Did you know that negative interactions have five times the impact of positive ones?

That’s right. Letting people wallow in bad attitudes, low productivity, or unacceptable behavior creates a negative atmosphere that impacts everyone in your organization.

The solution? That’s simple. The powerful disciplinary and documentation techniques you’ll learn in How to Eliminate Unacceptable Employee Behavior.

At this seminar, you’ll learn…

  • What causes an employee to act in an unacceptable manner
  • What behaviors can – and should – be corrected
  • How to open up difficult dialogues
  • The legal way to document performance issues
  • How to gain cooperation and respect from even difficult employees
  • When it’s time to say “good-bye”   

What you learn on this powerful day will have an incredible impact on your job, on your team, and on your future career!

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Influence a High-Performing Work Environment

  • Identify Characteristics of Team Dynamics
  • Establish a Solid Foundation
  • Develop and Depend on Critical Communication Skills
  • Prepare for the Ups and Downs of Managing

Know What Is Really Going On

  • Know What Is Really Going On in the Workplace
  • Get In On the Action
  • Approach Observation Strategically/Observe Consistently

Respond to Bad Behavior

  • Confront Challenging or Unacceptable Behaviors
  • Deliver Feedback That Gets Results
  • Be Confident to Confront Unacceptable Behavior
  • Be Ready, Be Prepared, Be Focused
  • Respond Professionally When You're the One Receiving Feedback

Keep Documentation Legal

  • Create Legal Documentation to Support Employee Interaction
  • Take Inventory of the Documents in an Employee File
  • Include the Important Elements of Good Documentation     
  • Avoid Common Pitfalls of Documentation

Counsel and Discipline 

  • Counsel and Discipline Confidently
  • Recognize Shared Traits of Counseling and Disciplining
  • Deal With Confrontations When Counseling
  • Overcome Counseling Challenges
  • Take Steps Toward Constructive Discipline
  • Plan the Disciplinary Session
  • Remain in Charge During the Disciplinary Session
  • Minimize Legal Risks When Disciplining
  • Understand When Termination Is Inevitable

 Promote Accountability

  • Rebuild Employees' Confidence
  • Help Reverse Bad Attitudes
  • Manage Productively/Manage Employees Fairly

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