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  Microsoft Excel 2013 Bundle
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Training that focuses on three hot areas all Excel users wish they knew more about is now here!
Your Price: $199.95  (USD)
On-Demand Training
Trainer: Philip Wiest
Item No. OL-SP8305

Excel training that focuses on 3 hot areas all Excel 2013 users wish they knew more about is here!

Microsoft® Excel 2013 Shortcuts
Microsoft® Excel 2013 PivotTables®
Microsoft® Excel 2013 Charts & Graphs

These on-demand training programs are not only loaded with "how-to-do-it" specifics, they save you time with their menu-based modules that allow you to pick and choose exactly what you want to learn.

Accompanying Excel worksheets allow you to work on the exact same data that the trainer uses.

  Products in this bundle

Microsoft® Excel 2013 Shortcuts
Imagine how your productivity would rise—and your career move forward—if you could do twice the work in half the time! Excel makes it easy, if you know where to look. This dynamic on-demand training program starts with the Top Ten Excel shortcuts of all time. And that’s only lesson #1! This program is jam-packed with dozens of additional time-saving techniques and insider tips. From eliminating keystrokes with Flash Fill to the untapped power of Fill Handle and PivotTable Reports, these surprisingly simple actions will blow you away and change how you work. With a learn-at-your-own-pace format, it lets you pick the speed—and focus—of your lessons. Work smarter than ever with Excel!

Course Topics:

  1. The Top Ten Shortcuts of All Time
  2. Fasten Your Seatbelt—It’s Flash Fill
  3. The Powerful Fill Handle
  4. Custom Number Formats
  5. Conditional Formatting Shortcuts
  6. Formatting as a Table
  7. PivotTable Shortcuts
  8. How to Record a Macro
  9. How to Edit Macros With Loops
  10. How to Create a Custom Form

Contains 10 HD video tutorials with one accompanying Excel worksheet and viewer’s guide in PDF format

Microsoft® Excel 2013 PivotTables®
Whether you have 20 cells or a million rows of data, using PivotTables is the answer to quickly organizing and analyzing information in Excel. It’s the tool the pro’s rely on to crunch their numbers and produce eye-popping reports in no time. And now this step-by-step on-demand training program puts the same power and speed in your hands. Walking you through 10 lessons using real—world examples from creating PivotTables through generating reports—including dozens of "aha!" moments and helpful tips along the way—this program will show you how simple it is to create and work with PivotTables. You won’t believe how much time you’ll start saving right away! Your Excel jobs will never be the same.

Course Topics:

  1. PivotTables for Absolute Beginners
  2. Grouping Data, Charting Groups and Using the New Timeline Tool
  3. Formatting Techniques With PivotTable Reports
  4. Calculations in PivotTable Reports
  5. Using the PivotTable Wizard
  6. How to Work With External Data and Sparklines
  7. How to Consolidate Multiple Tables With PowerPivot
  8. How to Create a Reverse PivotTable
  9. How to Clean Up Data for a PivotTable
  10. How to Make a Digital Dashboard

Contains 10 HD video tutorials with one accompanying Excel worksheet and viewer’s guide in PDF format

Microsoft® Excel 2013 Charts & Graphs
With its 2013 version, Excel remains the clear leader in number-crunching software and proves again there’s so much more to it than processing data. Descriptive and dazzling graphic options, integrated animation, Sparkline text, even the new Excel App—so many possibilities to make your data come alive and make an impact. This easy-to-understand, concentrated video training tool focuses on the most critical concepts you need to know to turn boring spreadsheets into expressive and informative charts and graphs. You want your data to turn heads, be understood and get real results? This on-demand training program will show you how!

Course Topics:

  1. Making a Chart
  2. How to Solve Your Data Problems With Combination Charts
  3. In Search of the Elusive Clustered Stacked Column Chart
  4. How to Create a Combination Pie Chart and Link It to PowerPoint®
  5. How to Make a Moveable Goal Line on a Column Chart
  6. In-cell Trendlines—How to Create Sparklines
  7. How to Create Dazzling Animated Charts and Maps in PowerView
  8. How to Build a Project Manager’s Precious Gantt Chart
  9. How to Make It Easy to Compare Budget Versus Actual
  10. Two Ways to Create a Gauge Chart—Old School and New School

Contains 10 HD video tutorials with one accompanying Excel worksheet and viewer’s guide in PDF format


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  • Each program is downloadable so you can add it to your mobile device and learn on-the-go.
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