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  Through the Customer's Eyes
Customer Service Training and Certification

Interactive Training with Online Assessment
List Price: $550.00
Your Price: $495.00
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Through the Customer's Eyes is a powerful, practical training and certification program for customer service representatives that will benefit any employee who interacts with customers. This program is available in CD-Rom, DVD, or online training format.

Developed in cooperation with, and endorsed by, the International Customer Service Association, Through the Customer's Eyes will help you:

  • Improve productivity.
  • Increase employee retention.
  • Implement consistent training.
  • Create dependable service levels.
  • Establish objective basis for employee evaluations.
  • Create competitive advantage through superior customer service.

Through the Customer's Eyes guides participants through six distinct modules covering core customer service knowledge and skills. Follow the links below to learn more and play video samples from each module:

Through the Customer's Eyes uses broadcast quality vignettes of typical customer interactions to demonstrate right - and wrong - ways to manage service situations. By combining presentation and dramatization with interactive exercises and other activities, content is presented in an engaging informative manner. (Play a video presentation reviewing the benefits of Through the Customer's Eyes.)

This product is offered in two formats to fit your unique business environment. The interactive program gives your employee's the opportunity to study at their own pace on a desktop computer. The videos with accompanying workbooks allow for group training sessions.

Self-paced certification program helps ensure success!

Customer service experts from the International Customer Service Association partnered with adult learning specialists from Rockhurst University Continuing Education Center to create this cutting-edge training program.

Three key features combine to make this a one-of-a-kind learning tool:

1) Interesting, relevant subject matter.
Practical real-world situations demonstrate the need for - and success of - key customer service skills and competencies. (Key Skills Taught)

2) CSRs work at their own pace.
Self-paced, self-directed training is less threatening. Hands-on "Activities" give CSRs a chance to apply and practice their skills immediately, in the safety of a simulated situation (and where missteps and mistakes won't cost you a valued customer!) In addition, it saves you money by avoiding the cost of employee time and travel for off-site training. (Play Sample Clip)

3) Certification process benefits both you and your staff.
Convenient, on-line testing verifies and reinforces key skills of each module. With each success, CSR's competence and confidence increases, which also boosts self-esteem and morale. You have secure access to training results, allowing you to objectively monitor employee progress and performance.
(Learn more about On-Line Certification)

Why Customer Service Matters
Module One

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The first module builds the case for excellent customer service. Participants will learn:
  • how service affects the company's bottom line
  • the critical formula CSRs must know before they interact with customers
  • how to use a problem to increase customer retention

In addition, hands-on activities - like calculating the lifetime value of a customer - add practical application to the underlying concepts.

What Customers Want
Module Two

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The second module examines what customers expect when they contact a company. Participants learn:
  • the #1 reason why customers take their business elsewhere
  • 5 key elements of employee competence
  • how to make every customer interaction quick, easy and enjoyable

As in every module, participants go through practical exercises to reinforce techniques they can put to work right away, like "How to say 'No' by saying 'Yes.'"

Essential Customer Service Skills,
Part I
Module Three

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The third module focuses on the critical, need-to-know skills essential to delivering superior customer service. Participants learn:
  • the empowerment technique that helps CSRs turn thoughts into actions
  • the "rephrase and reflect" method that makes every customer feel valued
  • how to adopt a service attitude that lets customers know they are the top priority
  • how to satisfy every customer with the "Two Ps" of customer service

Through accompanying exercises, participants begin to rate their own attitude and assess their own listening skills . . . powerful, proven exercises that reinforce these key lessons on a personal basis.

Essential Customer Service Skills,
Part II
Module Four

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The fourth module continues the focus on building service skills. Participants learn:
  • the importance of appearing confident and knowledgeable
  • open and close-ended questioning techniques to get to the root of a problem
  • 3 keys to providing the customer with complete information
  • 5 ways to show a customer that you care

Confident, competent employees are able to generate the goodwill - and create the trust - that are the foundation of stable, long-lasting customer relationships.

Handling Complaints and Dealing with Angry People
Module Five

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Some situations would test even the most seasoned professional. That's why it's so important to have your customer service staff prepared. In this module, participants learn:
  • 3 steps to customer delight
  • 6 sure-fire ways to defuse anger and aggression
  • avoiding the "fight or flight" reaction and staying calm in stressful situations

Hands-on activities help participants understand the potential cost of an unhappy customer and better appreciate the importance of effective customer service in minimizing - or avoiding - unnecessary losses.

Customer Service as a Strategic Marketing Tool and Customer Service Teams
Module Six

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The final module of the series encourages a broader, more strategic perspective on customer service. Participants learn:
  • how complementary products and services can make your company stand out
  • how service teams can help enhance customer service
  • 3 key characteristics of good teammates

How do key management concepts - like increased productivity or competitive advantage - affect the front line player? Through these exercises, the participant begins to look beyond his or her own role and see the potential for broader impact.


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