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08/24/17 How to Be Prepared for an OSHA Inspection
08/25/17 Business Writing Essentials
08/28/17 Beyond VLOOKUP in Excel®
08/29/17 How to Effectively Supervise Off-Site Employees
08/30/17 Secrets of Clear Communication
08/31/17 Fundamentals of Paid-Time-Off Policies In Today's Workplace
09/01/17 Managing the Front Desk
09/05/17 Employee Engagement 101
09/06/17 Microsoft® Excel® Charts & Graphs
09/07/17 Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills
09/08/17 Success Strategies for the Introverted Leader
09/11/17 How to Legally Terminate People With Attitude Problems
09/12/17 Mastering Microsoft® Outlook®
09/13/17 The Essentials of Management for First-Time Managers
09/14/17 Active Listening Techniques for Effective Communication
09/15/17 Untangle the Triangle: FMLA, Workers' Comp, and ADA
09/18/17 Confidence & Assertiveness Skills for Women
09/19/17 Building Better Team Communication
09/20/17 Telephone Skills for Customer Service and Sales Professionals
09/21/17 Defeating Negativity in the Workplace
09/22/17 Setting Clear Goals & Performance Expectations for Employees
09/25/17 The Business Grammar "Crash Course"
09/26/17 Mastering Excel Functions & Formulas
09/27/17 The Top 10 Mistakes Managers Make and How to Avoid Them
09/28/17 Clear and Confident Communication Skills
09/29/17 EXEMPT vs NON-EXEMPT: Understanding FLSA Classification Standards
10/02/17 Getting Delinquent Accounts to Pay Up
10/03/17 The Essentials of Front Desk Safety & Security
10/04/17 How to Manage Priorities & Time
10/05/17 How to Read Financial Statements
10/06/17 Legally Sound Employee Discipline
10/09/17 Legally Handling Garnishments
10/10/17 How to Give Effective Performance Feedback to Employees
10/11/17 Inspired Design Basics for Non-Graphic Designers
10/12/17 Proofreading Skills and Strategies
10/13/17 How to Successfully Manage a One-Person HR Department
10/16/17 Diversity in the Workplace: Creating a Positive Culture of Acceptance and Inclusion
10/17/17 Public Speaking Without Fear
10/18/17 How to Prevent FMLA Abuse
10/19/17 How to Handle Emotions Under Pressure
10/20/17 Become a Customer Service Superstar — Get Primed for the Climb
10/23/17 Persuasive Communication: Building Trust and Influence
10/24/17 Communicating Through Email: Top 10 Dos and Don’ts
10/25/17 Excel® Data Analysis: Functions and Formulas
10/26/17 Keys to Improving Employee Accountability
10/27/17 Payroll Law Update
12/01/17 Bill Capodagli presents Customer Service - The Disney Way
CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1.800.258.7246
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