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Webinar System Check

Get Your Computer Ready for Your Webinar!

We use GoToWebinar as our technical provider to deliver you the best possible connection and viewing environment. Please review the minimum system requirements and test your system below.

You will need ...

  1. High-speed internet connection
  2. The latest version of Java (To install the latest version of Java, visit Free Java Download.)
  3. Computer sound card with speakers/headphones

Test Your GoToWebinar Connection

You can easily test your connection with GoToWebinar before your organizer begins the webinar to ensure that you can join successfully. This allows you to make sure your computer has everything required to join a session. Simply join a live session to get started. This will connect you to our test GoToMeeting session, which will test your ability to join GoToWebinar sessions as well.

To test your ability to join GoToWebinar sessions, click the link below to join a test session

Join a live test session!

If you experience issues while attempting to connect, you may visit GoToWebinar’s troubleshooting page.


Sound Test

If you intend to use your computer’s speakers or headphones to listen to the webinar, you can test them now with the sound clip below.

Now check your computer for sound!

Sound Test

For sound check troubleshooting tips, click here.

If you don’t have computer speakers or headphones, don’t worry! You’ll have the option of listening to the webinar over your phone or Polycom®.

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