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Compliance Learning Path

Reduce legal liability with records of compliance training.

You know the importance of reducing legal risks through regulatory training. Without training on subjects like harassment or diversity, you run the risk of costly lawsuits and ruining your organization’s reputation.

STAR12 Annual Compliance Learning Paths help organizations like yours mitigate compliance risk and ensure you are meeting regulatory requirements by providing your associates access to vital on-demand compliance training programs.

Choose the Compliance Learning Path that is right for you.

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Available with STAR12 Enterprise Edition

In addition to the Annual Compliance Learning Paths, STAR12 Enterprise Edition gives your team unlimited access to seminars, webinars, online courses, and 10 additional learning paths. Plus, your leaders will have access to tracking and reporting tools, making it easy to monitor training progress and generate training reports. Learn more about STAR12 Enterprise Edition.

Take proactive steps to ensure your organization is compliant with federal law. Get the STAR12 Annual Compliance Learning Paths for your managers and associates today. Call 1-800-344-4613 for more information about the STAR12 Annual Compliance Learning Paths.

The information provided in the STAR12 Compliance Learning Paths and all materials associated with the program are for training and informational purposes only. STAR12 Compliance Learning Paths are designed to provide a brief and broad overview of the most common federal employment laws and presented to apply to diverse audiences and company situations. State-specific laws are not addressed in this program. The information and materials are presented with the understanding that The Continuing Education Center, Inc. is not engaged in rendering legal advice. You should always consult an attorney with any legal issues.




Don’t Become a Statistic

  • $44.5 million rewarded in sexual harassment lawsuits last year
  • Over 33,000 race-based discrimination charges filed last year
  • The EEOC received over 93,000 violation charges last year

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